• LCD Display
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Full Warranty
  • Glass Platform
  • No Consumables
Zimmer Chiller
Zimmer Cryo 5:
The first generation of Zimmer Cryo Chillers.
Zimmer Cryo 5
Get pricing on new, used, and refurbished Zimmer Cryo units.
Zimmer Cryo 6
Sleek, small, and powerful. The Zimmer Cryo Mini.

Zimmer Cryo 6
Zimmer Cryo 6:
Powerful technology
with an elegant design.

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The Zimmer Cryo 6, Zimmer Cryo 5, and Zimmer Cryo Mini are used as laser coolers or air cooling chillers during laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, and tattoo laser treatments. CryoTec sells Zimmer Chiller, Zimmer Chillers, Used Zimmer Cryo 5, Used Zimmer Cryo 6, and Used Zimmer Cryo Mini air coolers. In addition, CryoTec sells new Cryo 6, Cryo 5, and Cryo Mini for Lumenis, Active FX, Fraxel, Medlite, C6, Cynosure, Cutera, and Syneron. We carry cheap Zimmer Coolers, Zimmer Cooler, and Zimmer Cryo Coolers. Some units may be refurbished Zimmer Cryo 6, refurbished Zimmer Cryo 5, and Zimmer Cryo Mini. Some customers may be plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser centers, and medical spas. Zimmer offers the best in breed air coolers, air cooler, and air chillers for laser treatments. Air cooling for laser resurfacing, air cooling for tattoo removal, air cooling for IPL treatments are ideal when using the Zimmer Cryo 6. We offer full warranties with our portable air coolers, air chiller, and air chillers. Cheap Cryo 6 units, cheap cryo 5 units, and cheap cryo mini units are in stock. Occassionally, we carry refurbished Zimmer Cryo 6, refurbished Zimmer, refurbished Zimmer Cryo 5, and refurbished Zimmer Cryo Mini. Some popular laser companies are Cynosure, Lumenis, Palomar, Fraxel, Syneron, Cutera, Medicis, Allergan, Sciton, and Mentor. LaserMed may offer service for you Zimmer Cryo 5, service for your Zimmer Cryo 6, or service for your Zimmer Cryo Mini. You may want to consider upgrading your Cryo 6, upgrade your Cryo 5, upgrade your Cryo Mini. Workshop air cooler, air chiller, and air zimmer cryo coolers are sometimes in stock. Zimmer has been around for over 20 years providing award-winning laser coolers, laser cooling, and laser chillers to all nations around the world. Please call us for used Zimmer, refurbished Zimmer, or New Zimmer Cryo chillers, Zimmer Cryo Cooler, New Zimmer Cryo Chiller. We all always eaged to please with our customer service and superior product portfolio.